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🕔09.Dec 2014

Hey I’m Nick and I run An Opened Mind is pretty much just an outlet for me to post my opinions, as well as relevant topics I want to spread awareness on and get more people talking about. A lot of what you’ll find on this site has to do with today’s social issues, politics, world problems, economy, current events, and really anything else on my mind or that I find interesting.

I am a student studying psychology. My life goal is to someday be doing research in psychology, possibly in the sub-field of sleep or in the sub-field of drug use and how it affects the brain and body. I don’t like to identify with political parties, although if I had to pick one that closest fit me it would be libertarian. I’m not that religious, I would consider myself agnostic.

My main goal of this site is to just bring attention to some of the problem’s facing the world today, as well as taking a look at current events. Sometimes I’ll also post positive news or basically anything I find interesting. Whatever I can do to help connect people, as well as participate in a community of like-minded thinkers, I’ll do.

Feel free to subscribe as well as share this site on social media. Commenting is also a great way to spark up a conversation. This is the beauty of the internet! I love how on the internet you can spread practically any ideas as well as have a conversation with almost anyone, instantly.




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